This article sets out the product roadmap for Astrato, highlighting our key milestones and plans for developing and improving the product. You can also find information on our Features page.

Astrato on YouTube | Roadmap - Data | Roadmap - Data View Editor | Roadmap - Visualizations | Roadmap - Analytics Creation | Roadmap- Platform | Roadmap - Features Timeline

Astrato on YouTube

Astrato has a YouTube channel where you can find talks, demonstrations and product showcases hosted by the Astrato team. If you haven't already, why not click on the image here and subscribe?

On 30 September we held a webinar hosted by our CEO Martin Mahler and our Product Manager Alexander Thor, which unveiled Astrato as a product and showcased how to "play the data where it lives". There's a full recording of the webinar on YouTube which you can view here.

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Roadmap - Data

Currently Astrato supports data connections for Snowflake and Google Sheets, but we've got plans in motion to increase the number of data connections we offer.

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Roadmap - Data View Editor

The Astrato Data View Editor is designed to make managing your workspace data as simple as possible.

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Roadmap - Visualizations

Astrato already comes with a range of visualizations to work with, but we're always looking to add more.

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Roadmap - Analytics Creation

We want to make creating your Astrato workbooks as simple as possible, but also power them with all the functions you need.

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Roadmap - Platform

The Astrato platform now supports enterprise authentication - integrating with your IdP to enable single sign-on.

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Roadmap - Features Timeline

Here's a timeline of Astrato features where you can check on the short, medium and long term plans for the product.

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