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Glossary of Terms

Learn how to speak Astrato with our Glossary

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The Astrato Glossary contains names and terms used in the workspace and the application. Use the index to browse and find the information you need.


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Content Area - The main display area, used for creating and editing components.

Collection - A collection is used to organize and gather groups of workbooks.


Data - The location for the data you’re using to power your Astrato workspace.

Data view - A selection of data, from one or more tables, developed from the data source by the user.

Dimension - Dimensions contain qualitative values, these are typically names of things like products, countries or can also be dates and IDs. Dimensions are uniquely identifiable and affect the level of granularity in the visualization.

Direct / Live Query - The process used to send a SQL query to a cloud data warehouse to display data within a visualization in Astrato.


Edit - Open a workbook for editing to apply settings and features.


Global filter - A filter you can apply to all the objects on a sheet.


Measure - Measures contain numeric values, that means they are quantitative. Measures can be counted (frequency). added together (sum) or aggregated in other ways (avg, min, max).


Properties Panel - The area in the editor where you select which features to apply.


Sheet - A page within a workbook.

Sidebar - The lobby area you use to navigate through the site.

Static filter - A filter set as a property within an individual visualization.


Top bar - The lobby area you use for searches, opening notifications and opening your profile.

Tab - A column used to display information in the content area.


Visualization - An object used to display (visualize) data in an Astrato sheet e.g. a bar chart or pie chart.


Workspace - Your personal instance of the Astrato site, holding your workbooks, collections and data connections.

Workbook - A workbook contains the data visualizations you’re creating in Astrato.

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