Using the Administration options in Astrato

From the lobby sidebar, click Administration to view the options linked to the administration of Astrato.

Please note: only users with Admin access have access to all the settings displayed.

Astrato Administration home page

Figure 1: Administration home

Options in the Administration area

System Settings

Appearance - adjust the style options for your Astrato 'Lobby'

Users (People)

List of all users, when their account was added, and what type of role they have in Astrato (Admin, Creator, Viewer).

You can sort by the columns, and delete user accounts.

Adjust how many rows per page are visible to 5, 10, 25, and 50.

Enterprise Connection

Setup connections via Login or Access integration.

Demo Data

Demo workbooks to learn Astrato. Administrators can update demo data and delete it.

Embed Links

Create embed links to share views of your live data in other systems

Appearance - Lobby themes

Control and modify the whole lobby experience for users. Select a predesigned theme, or adjust it to your brand colors and add your company's logo as well.

Click on the color in the Custom Theme area to view the color picker, you can enter color codes that are Hex, RGB or HSL, and select whether you use the white or dark font color.

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