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Creating a Collection

Create a collection to organize your Astrato workbooks

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This article shows you how to create a collection, which you can use to organize your Astrato workbooks.

Creating a Collection

To create a collection you need to be on the Collections page (Figure 1).

  • Click on Create Collection to open the Create Collection wizard.

  • Enter a Name and Description, then click Next to open Add Workbooks.

  • From the list of your published workbooks, click the name(s) to select them for the collection, or de-select to remove them. You can also use Remove all to empty the collection, or create a collection without any workbooks added.

  • Click Create Collection when you've made your selection.

Figure 1: Create Collection

When the collection has been created, it should appear in the Collections page (Figure 2) with the Name, Description and Creation Date displayed, as well as the number of workbooks (items) held in the collection.

Figure 2: Collection Created

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