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Learn how to work with the Astrato properties panel

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This article shows you how to start working with the properties panel in Astrato.

Getting Started

On the right of the workbook editor, you'll find the Properties Panel (Figure 1), which displays settings controlling the workbook's appearance. Settings are grouped into two tabs.

  • Object settings are related to the object you've highlighted in the content area. The exact settings will depend on the type of object you've added from the Toolbar. You can find more information in the Workbook Editor collection and the Data Objects collection.

  • Workbook settings have two tabs - Settings relates to the appearance of all the sheets in the workbook, or the active sheet (the sheet you currently have open) , while Navigation relates to the navigation bar and menu at the top of the sheet.

Figure 1: Properties Panel Workbook

Workbook - Settings

  • Click the Workbook tab to display the Settings panel (Figure 2).

  • In the Theme section, click Edit to open the theme panel and select a Background for all sheets in the workbook.

  • Click Save and Apply to confirm the change. If you'd like to reverse the change, click Reset to Theme.

Figure 2: Theme

  • Use the active sheet settings (labeled Customer Count here) to change the active sheet background color and set a Grid by typing the number of columns and rows you'd like to use (Figure 3).

  • If you need to change the active sheet settings, click Reset to theme to re-apply the theme color or enter a color code.

  • Click - to the left of the Grid to remove it.

Figure 3: Active Sheet

Workbook - Navigation

  • Click the Navigation tab to open the panel (Figure 4).

  • Click Change to select a Navigation mode.

  • Change the Navigation bar color by using the color picker. Click Reset to theme to re-apply the theme color, or enter a color code.

  • Open the Logo settings to manage the navigation bar logo. You can enter your own Logo URL to add another image, set the Size as a percentage of the navigation and set the level of Padding from other objects. Click - to the left of the label to hide the logo.

Figure 4: Navigation Bar, Logo

  • Open Menu Items to apply colors to the navigation bar items (Figure 5).

  • Use the color picker to set the item Background and the Active Background to highlight the selected item.

  • Repeat the process to change color for the item Font and Active Font (for the selected item).

  • Set the Margin between each item by entering a number in the text box.

  • Open the Border settings to set the border color, border line type, the radius of each corner and the border thickness.

Figure 5: Menu Items, Margin, Border

Color Picker

Use the color picker to select a specific web color, but also:

  • define the opacity of a color

  • quickly select from preset shades of grey, and

  • add custom colors to the set of your theme colors.

Screenshot of the Color Picker in Astrato.

Workbook Editor Articles

You can find more articles in the Astrato Help Center in the Workbook Editor collection, and in the Data Objects collection (for visualizations and controls).

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