Under the sheet menu in the Workbook editor, there's a view with all objects on the sheet and manage them. It's possible to change the order in which they are rendered as well as take some quick action on them for a quicker dashboarding experience.

Changing render order

To change in which order the objects are rendered, simply drag the object to the rank in which you want the object to be rendered. The list goes from bottom to top, so the top item is rendered last.

Quick actions

There are some quick actions you can do in this view for each item. This includes:

  • Lock/unlock

  • Show/hide (edit only)

  • Copy

  • Rename

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

Clicking on the item in the list selects it on the canvas.

Object groups

Grouped objects have the same behavior and possibilities as any other object.


It is possible to undock the panel and place it somewhere else when working on the sheet. To dock or undock the panel click the docking panel button up to the right in the object layer manager.

Navigate to sheets

To navigate to the sheet manager click on the arrow next to the sheet name. Navigating to the sheet will open navigate to the sheet and open the object layer manager for that sheet.

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