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Insights & Copilot (AI)

How Astrato securely uses Azure OpenAI

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Enabling Insights / Copilot

Insights must first be enabled in the admin section, within system settings.

Adding Insights to the workbook

Insights can be toggled on/off from the Filter Bar's properties panel as shown below. When enabled, Insights is accessible from the right hand side of the filter bar in both edit and view modes in the workbook. Once clicked, the insights panel appears, ready for use.


Astrato connects directly to Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service for generative AI. Connections are secure and encrypted.

Please note: Astrato will only use service providers that do not train data and prompts sent over API. Any data sent over API will not be held for any longer than 90 days.

Third-party data processing (GAI model inference)

Visualization data is shared with Azure OpenAI for AI insight generation in Astrato:

  • Insight summaries

  • Analysis

  • Comparisons

  • Dashboard generation

For the create section of Copilot, such as dashboard generation and chart suggestions, we share data structures and chart configurations; we may sometimes share metadata (for example, min/max/sum, % of nulls in field, joins) to ensure a more accurate result.

✔ No data is shared for: Auto analysis, Dashboard generation


Microsoft Azure OpenAI

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Compliance (see page 9, PDF attached at page end)

  • CSA STAR Attestation

  • O 27001:2013

  • ISO 27017:2015

  • ISO 27018:2019

  • ISO 27701:2019

  • SOC 1, 2, 3


  • Germany C5


  • SOC 1, 2, 3

  • CCPA

Service providers

Azure OpenAI

Typically faster responses, although offers models which are slightly older. Azure OpenAI is the main service provider for GAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) in Astrato. Always used for feature marked as GA (Generally Available).

ℹ The data submitted to the Azure OpenAI Service remains within Microsoft Azure and is not passed to OpenAI (the company) for model predictions.


Used solely to access the latest models & for beta testing.

ℹ OpenAI will not use data submitted by customers via our API to train or improve our models, unless you explicitly decide to share your data with us for this purpose. Any data sent through the API will be retained for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted

More information can be found here:

Feature status



Copilot: AI Generated Titles

Public beta

Insights: Explain data

Public beta

Insights: Auto Analyse

Internal beta

Copilot: Dashboard Generation

Internal beta

Copilot: Generate measures / dimensions

Internal beta

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