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Drill-Through dimension in the workbooks
Drill-Through dimension in the workbooks

Drill-Through dimension allows user to change dashboards display and answer a broad range of data questions. Cycle thrrough dimension groups

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Astrato Drill Through Dimension Overview

Astrato Drill-Through Dimension is an interactive tool that allows users to change the active dimension of the data visualizations in the workbook.

Drill-Through dimension allows users to answer the "next question" by easily changing the charts and tables display and helps them uncover insights in their analytics journey.

Drill-through dimension ensures the dashboard remains interactive even after users slice

and filter the data.

Drill-through dimension helps creators to build and maintain dashboards as they aren't required to create multiple sets of charts showing the same KPIs with different dimensions.
This will speed up dashboard creation.

Adding A Drill-Through Dimension

β„Ή πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ To learn more about creating drill-through dimensions, read this guide

  1. Add a new chart or table, and select a drill-through dimension from the dimensions created in the data-view editor.

  2. Add measures to the chart.

Using Drill-Through in a workbook

Once a Drill-Through dimension is added to a chart, the Drill-Through dimension icon will become active, and the user will be able to change the active dimension for any Drill-Through dimension through the menu.

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