Pivot Table
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Astrato's Pivot Table allows you to dynamically slice and dice your data, drilling down and through the data in an interactive display.

Customization options allow you to highlight the data, improve your table visualization, and let your data tell the story you need to share.

Known Limitations

Pivot Table Special properties

Astrato’s pivot table elevates our existing table features, with more grouped dimension values that aggregate across the top and the left-hand side.

The pivot table lets users display a dimension across the top to create a grid-like table visualization. You can view cross-sections of data with first and second-layer data filters.


Enable grand total for columns and rows in the Data tab of the properties panel.

Modify the grand totals, font, colors, and position in the Style tab of the properties panel.

Always Fully Expended

Enable the always fully expended mode in the Data tab of the properties panel to get a table that looks like the figure below

Measures as Rows

Set the measures positions between rows and columns in the Layout tab of the properties panel.

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