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This article looks at Astrato's Waterfall visualization.

A Waterfall Chart data object consists of any number of measures.
The waterfall chart gives users a view of the cumulative value of the measure according to their orders.
Waterfall chart insights identify the significant contributors to the overall results.

Waterfall chart common use cases are:

  • Profit and Loss ledger.

  • Sales and Marketing funnel display

  • Actual vs. Target analysis by entities

Building a Waterfall

Add a Waterfall Chart

The waterfall Chart can be found in the visualization tile. It is positioned in the bar chart section of the visualization list.

Define a Waterfall Chart

  • Add as many measures as needed in the Data tab of the properties panel.

  • Special Measures Settings in the Waterfall Chart

    • Hide bar if zero or null: hide the measure from the charts if there is no data or the result is zero.

    • Sub-total: display the running total up to and including the measure as a bar on the right of the measure.
      give the sub-total bar a label in the input box.

    • Custom colors: override the chart color settings with settings for the measure.

  • Total Display -
    The total bar is a running total of all the measures in the chart.
    The total bar appears in the right side of the chart.
    The total bar number formatting is defined in the last measure in the chart.

Style a Waterfall Chart

  • Orientation: horizontal (default) or vertical

  • Bar padding: set the distance between the bars in the chart.

  • Bar radius: set the display of the bar corners.

  • Transparent bars: apply gradient and semi-transparent display for all bar colors.

  • Show lines: show connecting lines between the bars.

  • Color - set the general colors display for all different bar values.
    These settings can be overridden in measures individually

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