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Learn about working with enterprise authentication in Astrato

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This article provides an overview of the Enterprise Authentication settings in Astrato.



Enterprise Authentication features in Astrato have been designed for customers who use a centralized Identity Provider (IdP) for managing their user accounts, and assign their users a single sign-on (SSO) account to access multiple systems. Using a centralized IdP means the organization controls access to all software from a single location, and in some cases they can integrate user account information to extend access control to external systems like Astrato.

Figure 1: Enterprise Authentication Example

Astrato supports connections between a customer's enterprise IdP and their Astrato workspace, which gives the customer the advantage of granting user access without managing a separate Astrato account. Figure 1 (above) shows the location of the Enterprise Authentication settings on the Astrato site and the pages you'll use to set up the connection. You can find setup guides for each connection type in the Administration collection of the Astrato Help Center.

Note: You'll only be able to set up one connection type at a time for a workspace. If you need to enable another connection, you'll need to delete the existing one.


The steps for setting up enterprise authentication are designed to be easy to follow, but before you start there are a couple of processes you'll need to complete.

  • Check the IdP you'd like to use (e.g. Google Workspace) is set up correctly. You'll need to enter information about the IdP to set up the connection.

  • Back up any existing Astrato content, as the setup process involves assigning all your users to a new workspace, so they'll lose any work they've created up till now. Once the installation is complete, you can import the content back into Astrato and continue working.

Enterprise Authentication

If you click Enterprise Authentication in the Administration section, you'll open a page containing the list of connection types (Figure 2). Any connection types we're currently developing to use with Astrato are listed, but greyed out. In this article we'll be using Google Workspace as an example. Click Connect to open the connection type you need to set up.

Figure 2: Enterprise Authentication


Once you've chosen a connection type, you'll open the connection Configuration page (Figure 3), which contains the information you'll use to integrate with Astrato.

Figure 3: Configuration


When you open the Setup screen (Figure 4) you'll see a list of fields where you'll enter information about your data connection and click Create to complete the setup.

Figure 4: Setup

Enterprise Authentication Articles

You can find more articles on enterprise authentication (including a setup guide for each supported connection type), in the Administration collection of the Astrato Help Center.

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