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This article teaches you how to manage and work with Astrato collections.

Collection Display

Collections always display their Name, Description, Creation Date, and the number of items they contain. If you hover the cursor over a collection (Figure 1), the Open button will appear, and there's also an Options menu, which you opens by clicking the buttons with 3 dots in the top right corner.

Figure 1: Collection Display

Starred Collections, Open, Manage Workbooks

  • Click the star above the collection name to "star" it, a bit like adding a bookmark for a website (Figure 2).

  • Click Open to display a screen with options to edit the collection name and buttons to help you Manage Workbooks.

  • Click Manage Workbooks and use the add and remove buttons to select the collection's workbooks. When you've made your changes, click Done and use the arrow to return to the collections page.

Figure 2: Starred Collections, Open, Manage Workbooks

Options Menu

  • Click the 3 dots in the top right, you'll open the Options menu (Figure 3).

  • Click Edit to make changes to the collection name and description.

  • Click Delete to delete the collection. Once you confirm, the deleted collection will no longer be displayed.

Figure 3: Options Menu

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