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Consumption-based licensing
Consumption-based licensing
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In addition to seat-based licensing, Astrato offers a consumption-based licensing model measured in usage credits.

To be as flexible as possible, we allow our Enterprise-level customers to organize their users and assign them to teams, with each team assigned the most appropriate licensing model.

Consumption-based licensing usage is measured using credits that are monitored per user.

Usage reports are provided at an agreed increment, whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly.

Usage minutes

  • Usage minutes for each user are calculated separately.

  • Credits are released in 5-minute blocks. For example, if 20 users are all using Astrato for a 5-minute block, then 100 credits are used.

  • If the user activity ceases within a 5-minute time interval, then restarts and lasts past the end of the current 5-minute time interval, it triggers the subsequent time interval.


The illustration shows user activity within 5-minute intervals and the release of a block of credits.

User activity that uses credits

Any user-initiated action in Astrato, starting from the time the user initiates the action, until the time that the results of the action(s) become visible to the user of the product will initiate the release of a 5-minute block.

Examples of user activity that use up credits include using Astrato for:

  • Logging into Astrato.

  • Searching for data and any other actions linked to viewing or filtering that trigger content updates.

  • Creating, revising, updating, and deleting data connections, workbooks, or any element in a workbook.

  • Administration setup, configuration, and provisioning of users.

  • Uploading, downloading or sharing where a user initiates the action.

  • Browser actions, including using the forward or back buttons, and refreshing the page.

  • Changes to an Embedded item, as well as users interacting with Embedded content - internally or externally - trigger usage minutes.

User activity that does not use credits

  • Scrolling through Astrato pages where content is not refreshed.

  • Keeping Astrato open in a browser window.

  • Signing-out of Astrato.

  • Sending out scheduled emails to users that: welcome new users, are triggered by a user ‘following’ a metric, or other system notifications to users.

  • System scheduled actions including maintenance/background processing, and Astrato application updates.

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