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Connecting to PostgreSQL
Connecting to PostgreSQL

Connecting to and using PostgreSQL as a data source

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In this article, we show you how to connect your Astrato workspace to PostgreSQL. It's designed to be a quick process and easy to follow.


When you're setting up your data connection, you'll be asked to enter information about your data source. We've listed all the items you need here:

  • Data connection: Hostname, Port

  • Database Credentials: User name, Password

  • SSL Credentials: SSL mode - default set at 'Disable' (HTTP) - please amend as required to meet your organization's security policy.

Create New Connection

  • Select Data in the sidebar

  • Create Data to open the Create New Data Source screen

  • Click on the PostgreSQL icon

  • A dialogue box displays to Connect to a PostgreSQL (Figure 1)

  • Complete the required fields in the connection dialogue box, and click Test Connection

  • Select database: enter the database name, Data Source/connection name, and click Connect.

  • If the connection is successful and the data source is created, the Data View Editor opens.

Please note: if a duplicate is created, a timestamp is added to the data source name.

Cloud NAT IP addresses



Screenshot of the dialogue box to connect a PostgreSQL data source

Figure 1: Create New Connection - dialogue box image

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