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Connecting to Databricks
Connecting to Databricks
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This article shows you how to connect your Astrato workspace to Databricks. It's designed to be a quick process and easy to follow.

Connection data required

When setting up your data connection, you'll need to know:

  • Host: workspace URL (example:

  • Port: (optional) - 443 will be used if left empty.

  • Http Path: Warehouse URL (example: /sql/1.0/warehouses/aea015f220XXXXX) , you'll need to add 1.0 as the version.

  • Personal Access Token: you can create a personal access token following this process.

Creating the data connection to Databricks

  • Select Data in the sidebar

  • Create Data to open the Create New Data Source screen

  • Click on the Databricks icon

  • A dialogue box displays to Connect to Databricks (Figure 1)

  • Complete the required fields in the connection dialogue box

  • Enter the database name, Data Source/connection name, and click and click Test Connection.

  • If the credentials work, a window is open to select the catalog to connect to.
    (figure 2)

Please note: if a duplicate is created, a timestamp is added to the data source name.

Figure 1: Create New Connection - dialogue box image

  • Select the catalog

  • Give the data connection a friendly name

  • Click next

Figure 2: Select the catalog and name the data connection.

  • Select the users that can see and use this data connection. you can make it available to everyone using the switch in the middle top part.

  • Click Connect

  • A connection is created.

Figure 3: Select the users that can use the data connection.

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