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Data Connections - Getting Started in AstratoStart working with Data in Astrato
Getting started with the Data View EditorUse the Data View Editor (DVE) to select your data and add customized SQL, fields, dimensions, and measures in your Astrato workbooks.
Define the Data Model in AstratoUse Astrato's smart joins features to connect your tables and build your data model effectively.
Creating custom fields (calculated columns)Create a Custom Field (custom-calculated column) to add and test out new useful fields- without affecting your source data.
Creating Measures in the Data View EditorNo coding is required to write expressions using Astrato's measures in the Data Explorer.
Creating Dimensions in the Data View EditorNo code creation of buckets and drill through dimensions
Using The Data-ExplorerThe Data-Explorer is a powerful data analytics exploration tool and no-code query builder.
Predefined time periods in AstratoQuickly and easily set a dynamic range of dates to filter your results.
Astrato's Data EngineUse Astrato's data engine to solve some of the most common problems of data modeling that occur in Business Intelligence (BI)
Understanding Join direction and quality
Number & Date FormattingFormatting dates and numbers in Astrato, including solving for viewing across timezones.