In this article, we're going to show you how to connect your Astrato workspace to a data source in Google BigQuery.

Data Source details required

Before you can set up your data connection, you'll need the details of the data source and user account you need to use to access and query the data. You'll need the following:

  • Data source: data source name, project, and dataset.

  • User account: enter your username and password when asked or if using a Google account, when you log in, Google will ask you to consent to Astrato being able to access your Google workspace (Sheets and Drive).

Creating the connection to your Google BigQuery data source

Select Data in the Astrato sidebar and click on Create Data to open the Create New Data Source. Click the Google BigQuery icon to start.

create new data source in Astrato

Astrato checks if you already have an integration with Google BigQuery, if not, the message displays that permission is required. Click Confirm to continue.

The Google authentication page displays, select the account you want to use, review the permissions required, and click Allow to continue.

Google authentication page displays, select the account you want to use to access the dataset

If the user account authentication is successful, Astrato displays the permissions granted. Click OK to continue.

Google BigQuery permissions have been granted.

Enter the details of your dataset in your project, and click Connect.

Enter the project, dataset and data source name in Google BigQuery.

If the connection is successful and the data source is created, the Data View Editor opens.

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