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Enterprise Authentication - AWS Cognito

Setting UP AWS Cognito with Astrato

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This guide provides a step-by-step overview of integrating and configuring Cognito for seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality. Starting with the initial setup process, users are guided through creating a connection within the Cognito platform, followed by verification steps to ensure the connection is correctly established and operational. Special attention is given to common pitfalls, such as incorrect Client ID usage, to ensure a smooth and error-free integration process.


  1. Create Connection:

    • Navigate to the Setup tab.

    • Complete the necessary fields and select Create to establish the connection.

2. Post-Creation Setup:

  • After creating the connection, the Setup tab will display a new section titled Verification.

3. Verify Connection:

  • Click on Verify connection to proceed to the SSO provider login page for authentication.


In case of a misconfiguration, such as using an incorrect Client ID, the following error message will appear: An error was encountered with the requested page.

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