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Connecting to Snowflake

Connect Astrato to a Snowflake database in just a few quick steps

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In this article, we show you how to connect Astrato to a Snowflake database. It's designed to be a quick process and easy to follow.

What connection URL should I use?

First, copy the account URL as shown below in the image. Paste this into Astrato when creatign a new data connection.

Alternatively, if this URL is not valid. Run the query below.

-- account URLs
select t.value:type::varchar as type, t.value:host::varchar as host, t.value:port as port from table(flatten(input => parse_json(system$whitelist()))) as t where t.value:type::varchar like 'SNOWFLAKE%';


When you're setting up your data connection, you'll be asked to enter information about your database. We've listed all the items you need here.

  • Connection Name - think of a name to give your data connection.

  • Snowflake Account - you'll need to enter either the account URL, your Account and Organization or the Account, Platform and Region.

  • Database Credentials - the User name and Password for connecting to the database.

  • Database Name - the name of your database. You can also select the Role and Warehouse during setup.

Create New Connection

  • Select Data in the sidebar and click on Create Data to open the Create New Data Source screen (Figure 1).

  • Click on the Snowflake icon.

  • When the page Connect a Snowflake data source opens.

  • The default connection option is to paste your account URL into the text field.

  • You can also choose to enable the toggle to Configure manually with a choice of Connection Type - either use your Account Name (entering the Account and Organization) or use the Account Locator and enter your Account, Platform and Region.

  • Once you've entered the account information, enter your User name and Password in Database Credentials, then click Test Connection.

  • In the Select your database screen, select the database you're going to use from the dropdown.

  • You can also select a Role and a Warehouse, but these selections are optional.

  • Click Connect.

  • If the connection is successful and the data source is created, the Data View Editor will open.

Figure 1: Create New Connection


If you click Connect and get an error about connecting to the database default Role, please check the database settings, and select another Role from the dropdown. You can find more information in our Astrato Troubleshooting Guide. If you're still getting an error, click the chat icon (bottom right) to raise a support ticket (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Astrato Chat

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