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Astrato Troubleshooting Guide
Astrato Troubleshooting Guide

Use our troubleshooting guide to resolve any known issues or errors

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The Astrato troubleshooting guide contains information on any known issues or limitations which can cause errors, and the steps you need to take to resolve them.

Browser Support

Here's a summary of the browser support available for Astrato. To make sure you have the best experience possible when using the site, we advise using one of our officially supported browsers (Chrome or Firefox).

  • Google Chrome: Latest version.

  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest version.

  • Microsoft Edge: Latest version expected to work, but not officially supported.

  • Opera: Latest version expected to work but not officially supported.

  • Internet Explorer: Not supported.

  • Safari: Not supported.

Google Sheets

If you get an error about connecting to Google Sheets (Figure 1), please check the sheet name or URL/ID, and try to connect again.

Figure 1: Google Sheets Connect Error


If you click Connect and get an error about connecting to the database default Role, please check the database settings, and select another Role from the dropdown.

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