When you log in to the Astrato site, you'll be taken to your workspace. This article gives you an overview of the different workspace sections.

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On the left of the screen (Figure 1) there's a navigation sidebar. To the right of the sidebar, there's a content area that displays the feature you've currently opened.

Figure 1: Astrato Workspace

The sidebar has links to Astrato features (Workbooks, Collections, and Data), your Administration settings, and a Help link to the Astrato Help Center. In the top right of there's a link to Sign Out of the site.

The chat icon (Figure 2) is located in the bottom right of the screen on this page, but it may appear in different parts of the page throughout the site. No matter the location, you'll open the portal for contacting Astrato Support if you click it.

Figure 2: Chat Icon

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To find your way around the workspace, click a sidebar link, to open a page in the content area (Figure 3), showing a summary of any information you've stored there.

Figure 3: Workspace Navigation

There are pages for Workbooks, Collections and Data.

  • Workbooks contain the data visualizations you're creating in Astrato. You can find out all about using and developing workbooks here.

  • Collections are used to organize groups of published workbooks. You can find out more about working with collections here.

  • Data locations contain the information to power your Astrato visualizations. You can find out about connecting to Data here.

  • Invite Users opens the invite users wizard, quickly sharing your workspace with others. You can find out more about invite users here.

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Demo Data

When you create an account and log in to the workspace for the first time, you'll see some published workbooks and a data connection with example data views (Figure 4).

These examples are read-only, and we've included them to help you get started and demonstrate a published workbook. If you decide you'd rather not include these examples in your workspace, an Administrator user can delete the data in the Administration section.

Figure 4: Demo Data

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Administration and Help

In the bottom part of the sidebar there are links for Administration to open the administration page (only available to Owner and Administrator users) and Help to open the Astrato Help Center.

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Astrato Help Center

You can find more articles about Astrato workbooks in the Workbooks collection on the Astrato Help Center.

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