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Navigating Astrato's workspaces
Navigating Astrato's workspaces

Finding your way around the Astrato

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Finding what you need in Astrato

Astrato's top-level navigation is the Lobby area. You'll find links to Workbooks, Collections, Data, Adminstration, Community, and Help in the sidebar.

Lobby (Home)

When you log in to Astrato, the home or 'Lobby' area displays. The administration options visible are linked to your user account type.

An Administrator has privileges to change system settings, including changing the view of the area you view first (after logging in) by user role, to add demo data, to set permissions for the use of custom SQL, and allowing sharing media, as well as to invite users and manage license allocations.

On the left is the navigation via the sidebar at the top level. At the top right is your user ID, which displays your name, email address, and the option to log out of Astrato.

Figure 1: Astrato Workspace as an Administrator would see it.

The content area displays your Workbooks and includes the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen to search the help pages and chat with our Support team. This icon is always visible when using Astrato; click the chat icon when you have any questions.

Navy circle with a white speech bubble, it's the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen to search the help pages and chat with our Support team.

Figure 2: Chat Icon to ask a question and connect with Support

Working with multiple tabs open

When you’re using Astrato, the section name is visible on the browser tab, so even if you have many browser tabs open, you know which browser tab or window is the one you want.

Figure 3: section name is visible on the browser tab

Workbooks, Collections, and Data

Figure 4: Workbooks in draft

  • Workbooks contain the data visualizations you create in Astrato, and Collections are used to organize groups of published workbooks. Learn how to get started with Workbooks and Collections here.

  • In the Data section, you add your data connections and use the Data View Editor (DVE) to build your data model, custom measures, and queries. Learn more from our article on getting started with Data connections.

  • Invite Users opens the invite users wizard so you can quickly share your workspace with others. Learn more from our article on Managing Users and Teams.


All systems options are explained on the Administration - Getting Started page.

Community - Astrato Galaxy

Astrato's online community, Galaxy, empowers ASTRATOnauts to connect, inspire, and evolve together to create out-of-this-world data visualizations in the modern data world.

You'll find like-minded Astrato users here to ask questions, join data challenges, meet at events, and find inspiration from others. Click Learning at the top to take our free courses in the VizLab.

Figure 5: Astrato Galaxy home page.


Well, clicking the link to Help brings you here .... Welcome to Astrato.

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