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This article gives an overview of how Astrato Support will work with you to help you with any questions.

1. The Live Chat: Available from Monday to Friday, 6am-6pm PT. Nestled at the bottom right of every Astrato page under "Help", this is where you can get immediate, hands-on advice. We're typically swift, often replying in less than 10 minutes. So drop us a line; we’re here, eagerly awaiting your hello.

2. Astrato Galaxy Community: Venture into our communal square, where like-minded Astratonauts share stories, exchange expertise, and support each other on this shared journey. Dive into the conversation; the water's just right.

3. Help Docs: Consider this your map to the Astrato universe. Each document, a carefully curated guide to ensure you unlock the platform's full potential. Still can’t find that hidden treasure? Signal our support crew; they’re always on the lookout.

4. Getting started: Curated for the curious, looking to get stuck in, our getting started guides will get you setup in no time.

5. QuickStart & Best practice: Designed for the adventurous, these guides are your compass, directing you through the ins and outs of Astrato. Navigate with confidence and uncover the nuances of our platform.

Contacting Support

You can contact Astrato Support by clicking the chat icon (bottom right), which opens the chat window (Figure 1). You'll have the option to send support a message, or search through the Astrato Help Center articles to find an answer there.

Figure 1: Support Contact

If you choose to send us a message, you will be asked to choose a query Type, and may have to confirm other information (e.g. Category and the People impacted) before you enter the message in the text box. You can also send image files or even emojis with your message.

Follow Up

After you send us your question, it'll be assigned to a member of our Support team who'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

📨 If you’re logged out of Astrato,

you will still receive a reply at the email address you have provided.

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