This article shows you around the Astrato Help Center, which contains articles to help you work with Astrato, and the Astrato YouTube site.

Astrato Help Center | Getting Started | Astrato YouTube

Astrato Help Center

If you're looking to learn about Astrato, the Astrato Help Center contains all the information you need. You can access the site by clicking Help in the sidebar (Figure 1). If you're working away from the workspace, you can find links throughout the site.

Figure 1: Help Link

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Getting Started

The help center home page (Figure 2) has a search bar and lists all the Collections which are groups of articles belonging to specific category. If you click on a collection, you'll open the article list. Articles within a collection can also be grouped into Sections.

Figure 2: Help Center Navigation

If you click on an article name you'll open the article. There's a breadcrumb trail under the search bar to show your location and help you move around the site. You can use the trail to return to the collection page or home page, and there's also a link to the Astrato Help Center in the footer of every page, just click the Astrato symbol!

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Astrato YouTube

Astrato has a YouTube channel containing information about events and features. If you subscribe, you'll make sure you never miss an update. Click the Astrato logo to open the channel homepage.

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